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Feasibility Studies & Business Plans

We combine targeted marketing strategies based on market research with detailed technical plans and financial modeling to produce fully integrated business plans to successfully raise money from private equity firms, commercial banks, and individual investors. Our collaborative approach quickly puts businesses on the path to success. Our business plans feature three core components:

  1. Market Assessment: Our market review provides sufficient and appropriate evidence to act as the basis for growth estimates and potential sales volumes. Further, the market review develops the brand strategy and looks at pricing, promotion and packaging strategies that account for the subtleties and idiosyncrasies of local market dynamics.
  2. Technical Assessment: This assessment takes the types of product/service being prepared and client vision into account to determine the critical technical requirements for the new business.  Our detailed report provides a comprehensive analysis of all the technical requirements of the proposed business.
  3. Financial Assessment: This assessment provides a detailed analysis of the project feasibility. Our financial model is made up of sku-level volume projections and pricing, also, the capital requirements, market and operating costs and technical assessments. This assessment includes the proposed source and use of capital funds, and projected future earnings.

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